Langsand Laks AS

Langsand Laks AS is a company starting up landbased farming of Atlantic Salmon in recirculating aquaculture systems during the summer of 2011. The company located in Denmark, will be the first in the world producing market-size Atlantic Salmon on a commercial scale. The first products will be available in the second quarter of 2013.

Major shareholders in Langsand Laks AS include:

Polar Salmon AS – One of the largest fishery companies in Scandinavia with own trawlers and plants. The company is also a large processor of Atlantic Salmon and other species.

Stensgaard Holding AS – A family owned investment company, involved in Dansih Aquaculture and also owner of Billund Aquakultur Service ApS, supplier of the technology to Langsand Laks AS.

Preben Kristensen - Experienced trout- and eel-farmer from Hvide Sande. Preben is the CEO of Langsand Laks AS.

Aquapri AS – Danish farmer of trout

Atlantic Sapphire AS – A company owned by the family owned investment company Alsco AS. Alsco AS is owned by Johan Emil Andreassen and Bjørn-Vegard Løvik, the founders of Villa Organic AS.

Sohn Invest ApS er et investeringsselskab eid av 4 fiskere, som ser en fremtid i akvakultur, og har derfor investert i Langsand Laks.